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Nanak Shah Fakir- Movie on Guru Nanak Ji

Nanak Shah Fakir 

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Singh Naal Jodi Song Teaser By Sukshinder Shinda & Diljit Dosanjh

Song: Singh Naal Jodi
Singer: Sukshinder Shinda, Diljit Dosanjh
Music: Sukshinder Shinda
Lyrics: Koki Deep
Music Label: T-Series
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Rise Above Hate Video Song Teaser By Jazzy B

Coming Soon – Rise Above Hate
Rise Above Hate Video Song Teaser By Jazzy B
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Cross Connection Theatrical Trailer 2014

Cross Connection Theatrical Trailer 2014
Starring : Gary Waraich,Nancy Johal,B.N. Sharma,Upasna Singh,Gurchet Chitrakaar,Baagi Bhangu,Sumandeep Kaur,Tarsem Paul,Dr. Sahib Singh,Jasbir Dhillon,Anita Sabdeesh,Raman Dhillon,Rajinder Rozy,Dilawar Sidhu,Prakash Gadhu,Malkeet Rouni,Gulu Ji,Krishan Joshi,Neer & Jelly Jarnail
Producer : Jasbir Dhillon
Directed By : Nishant Bhardwaj
Co-Director : Neer
D.O.P. : Manjeet Singh
Music : Rimi Dhar
Story : Sudhir Sharma
Associate Director : Jimmy Jaiswal
Editor : Jeet S Mehta
Sound Design : Deep Bawa
VFX & Design : Manmeet Singh
Background Music : VGroove
Background Theme Music : RMB
Art Director – Sagar punjabi
Costume : Ms. Sandeep Rana
Action : Satwant Bal,Vishal
Post Production : Artha Studio (Mohali)
Production Controler : Ishar Singh
Lyrics : B.S.Dhillon,Gary Waraich,Nirwan Baath,Sameer,Nishant
Singers : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Arif Lohar,Kamal Khan,Manak-E,Navraj Hans,Tochi Raina,Saveri Verma,Rimi Dhar,Kunal Pundit,Deepali Sathe
Music On : Music One
Choreographer: Prince Ghosh.
Music arranged by : Shailesh Rao , Roop Mohanta , Durgesh Raj Bhatt
Musicians : Somu Seal (Guitar) , Hamtu (Flute), Paradeep Pundit (Harmonium) , Chari (Indian Rhythm)
Mix and Mastered by : Shantanu Mukharjee, Akash Jetly
Chirographer : Prince Gosh
Music arranged by : Shailesh Rao , Roop Mohanta , Durgesh Raj Bhatt
Back up voices : Kunal Pundit, Saveri Varma, Durgesh Raj Bhatt
Musicians : Somu Seal (Guitar) ,
Hamtu (Flute), Paradeep Pundit (Harmonium) ,
Chari (Indian Rhythm)
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Alfaaz ventures into 'Salon' business

Punjabi singer and actor Alfaaz has now opened a salon '‘Scissorman’ in Chandigarh. Jazzy B, Amrinder Gill, Navraj Hans and bollywood actor Bobby Darling also graced the occasion with their presence at the inauguration in Sector-8, Chandigarh. Here are some exclusive shots from the event:

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Movie Review: Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky is a story of three sisters who desire their life partners to be Inspector, Singer and a non-resident Indian. Coincidentally, when they speak of their desires, a father of three sons stands by listening to them and thinking about his own sons who match all their desires. When he talks to the father of the girls for a possible marriage of the trio, he ends up being humiliated by him. Agonised by the humiliation, he vows to marry his sons to his daughters only.

This is the first scene of the movie, which to a large extent sets up the foundation of the story. But there is one more twist in the tale. The boys think that the girls love their positions of inspector, singer and NRI. So, they come up in front of them being the opposites. Inspector turns goon, singer cannot speak s, instead uses f and NRI changes himself into a complete desi avatar.

I remember one of the dialogues of Amrinder Gill complaining, “Where has our Punjabi Culutre gone?” Watching a father pursuing his sons to woo girls and marry them for his own self pride makes me think the same, “Where has our Punjabi Culture gone?” Who does that? Anyways, the film here is again a comedy of errors and in no way stands out differently from the movies we have seen in the recent past.

However the movie boasts strongly on its star performances. It carries with it a huge fleet of stars. Amrinder Gill opposite Isha Rikhi, Harish Verma opposite Shruti Sodhi, Sumit Sandhu opposite Dakshita and Gurpreet Ghuggi opposite Shivani. All of them have performed really well. Amrinder Gill looks exceptional, Harish Verma is a delight to see, speaking f instead of s, Sumit Sandhu flourishes as a desi boy and the rescuer of all Gurpreet Ghuggi has shown his exemplary performance yet again. Though, the story revolves around the girls but they had very little to do in the movie.  Director Amarpreet Chhabra has used his actors very wisely.

Amrinder Gill is one of my favourites, when it comes to music. But the music here is average only. Vichhoda and Neendran are the two picks for this movie.  Also the movie lacked a romantic number. When the guys are successful winning the hearts of the girls and its love all over, the song played in the background starts with the word separation (Vichhoda), what an irony.

The writers have raised the serious issue of drugs in the movie as well, which is appreciable. Also they have used their wit for the property dealers of Chandigarh, who some time ago were involved in a mad race of making Punjabi movies.

Coming on to the VFX, well the 10 second Chroma scene to establish the character of the NRI in the beginning isn’t blended well with the video. The disturbances do affect your viewing experience.

The climax of the movie does disappoint as well. It could have been scripted in a better way. One forgets what movie he is watching until Gurpreet Ghuggi reminds you in the last scene; these three are Happy Go Lucky. The title is nowhere near to the story of the movie.

Overall, Happy Go Lucky is a comedy of errors which is no different from the comedies we have seen in the past. The music is average. The performances of the star cast however standout. The movie can be seen for a one time watch. Punjabi Mania rates it 2.5 out of total 5 stars.
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Chaar Sahibzaade all set to break Jatt and Juliet Record

Chaar Sahibzaade is doing wonders on the box office. If the things go the way they are going, the film is all set to create history and become the highest grossing Punjabi film ever. It is believed that there are chances of movie crossing the 15 crore nett mark in East Punjab circle.

The film had grossed 3.80 crore nett in East Punjab in week one and in week two the film has grossed an extraordinary 4.35 crore nett. This is the highest second week collection in East Punjab this year beating Kick which grossed 4.02 crore nett and Chaar Sahibzaade has done it mainly from the Punjab and Chandigarh sector while Kick also had big contributions from places like Gurgaon and Faridabad.

The trending of the film is like from a by gone era as collections are showing no drops on weekdays. The second Friday had grossed 46 lakhs nett and each day in the Mon-Thurs period remained higher than that. The total from East Punjab so far is 8.15 crore nett and is sure to cross the all time record of Jatt and Juliet 2 of 11.75 crore nett in the next two weeks. The Punjabi version is also doing fantastic in Delhi/UP and is likely to cross 3 crore nett from just 25 odd prints.
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